Hawk Industries, Inc.

  • When it comes to specialty drilling tools for the oil and gas industry, Hawk Industries wrote the book. And we're writing new chapters every day. A U.S.-based corporation, Hawk Industries designs, manufactures and markets innovative technologies through our network of agents and distributors worldwide. Every product we've ever manufactured is still at work somewhere in the world. We take pride in the level of reliability, safety and service our products deliver, as well as the numerous international patents we hold.

    As our product line has grown, so too have our facilities. Founded in 1958 at our current location in Signal Hill, California, our production and service facilities currently occupy over 23,000 square feet, with an additional 7,000 square feet devoted to research and development, engineering and administration. Our 2007 plant expansion added another 4,000 square feet of production facilities.


A New Generation of Oil
Specialty Products
For almost 50 years, Hawk Industries has combined a proven past with the latest technologies as an industry leader in innovation and quality.

Why Hawk Industries?

Wondering Why We are the best? Let us help you understand our Awesome Technical Features
  • Practicality
  • Dependability
  • Cost-Effective Pricing
  • Life time support
  • Spare parts availability
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No Compromises

Quality or economy? Innovation or reliability? Customer service or global reach? These are the tradeoffs most manufacturers ask you to make. Not Hawk Industries. We believe you deserve to have it all, and we deliver it.

We manufacture drilling tools for the oil and gas industry. Period. For 50 years now. We focus on a select group of customers, each a significant portion of our business.

So when we say your total satisfaction with our product, our service and our responsiveness is important to us, you know it’s true. Hawk designs, manufactures and services 100% of the equipment we sell. From our agents, distributors, and from our original location in California, we stock parts for every model we’ve ever sold, ready for immediate shipment anywhere in the world.

Of course you can count on our equipment to perform, with the confidence that our engineering remains at the forefront of innovation. We hold numerous international patents for product innovations, like our self-energizing wrench technology.

Practicality. Dependability. Cost-effective pricing. Lifetime support. Hawk Industries.

The obvious choice.